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tv   Early Today  NBC  February 23, 2016 4:00am-4:31am EST

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nbc 10 starts now. new from overnight, mother in custody. philadelphia police charge the woman they say left her child behind during an alleged shoplifting incident. today, protesters set up shop outside apple stores here and across the country upset about a court order that apple hack into a terrorist iphone. rain on the way. parts of area will see it during the morning commute ahead of a wet tuesday. it's 4:00 a.m., good morning, this is "nbc 10 news today." i'm tracy davidson. let's get right to meteorologist bill henley with his first alert forecast today. good morning, bill. >> good morning, tracy. dry right now. clouds have moved into the area and they'll keep on coming, leading to wet weather. radar screen showing
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philadelphia, wilmington, dover, dry but just to the south, that's where the rain is, it's moving through virginia and into maryland at this hour. it will arrive this morning staying this afternoon. the good news here, the temperatures are above freezing for just about everyone. 40s in dover and cape may. near 40 for wilmington and philadelphia. it's allentown that's at the freezing mark and below freezing in the pocono mountains. this is our only chance of seeing a wintry mix later this morning as the rain moves in. even here in the allentown area, more likely we'll be looking at rain. i'll go through the forecast neighborhood by neighborhood when i'm back in ten minutes. jessica boyington is watching your first alert traffic. >> we are starting off in the center city area. the vine street expressway around 24th street, no problem either direction. hardly a car in sight. the rest of our drive times are okay. we're in the green on the schuylkill and 95, heading into center city and the blue route is fine. southbound on the schuylkill, 935.
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if you are in center city or traveling around there, watch out for construction on locust street eastbound, closed between 15th and broad. tracy? philadelphia police arrested the mother who was caught shoplifting at a center city macy's and left her 4-year-old child behind. mahogany cherry was charged with theft and child endangerment. she's been on the are for two weeks. police say terry tried to steal more than $1,400 worth of men's clothes when she was stopped by security, she ran away and left her child behind. >> leaving your child behind, abandoning your child, that's what you're doing. >> terry's been arrested twice before for shoplifting. the 4-year-old is now in the care of her father. rallies are planned at dozens of apple store to protest government efforts to gain
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access to cell phones, that includes the apple store along walnut creek. matt delucia is live in center city with more about the argument it's really about one phone that we're talking about, right, matt? >> that's right. apple users and privacy advocates are planning protests at more than 40 apple stores across the country, including this one on walnut street on center city. protesters say they are not protesting apple. they are on apple's side on this issue. the fbi says it wants to get into the cell phone of one of the san bernardino shooters. many apple users say that would be the beginning, it would set a precedent and this poses a severe privacy risk for everyone. apple is contesting a judge's order to build that software back door. the organizers would fight for the future, hope these nationwide rally will send a message about their concerns. two of the rallies are in our area at 5:30 tonight.
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look live here again. one will be outside this store on walnut street, the other outside the apple store in cherry hill. coming up at 4:30, i spoke with one of the organizers. why he says this is something everyone should be paying attention to. live in center city, matt delucia, nbc 10 news. a woman jumps out of a third floor window to escape this house fire in philadelphia. skyforce 10 was over the scene on frankfurt avenue. we spoke to another woman who saw what happened. >> she just jumped. the steps broke and she couldn't get down them so she jumped. >> the second woman suffered smoke inhalation. police are looking for a second driver, ryan farrell. police say he's on the run, nbc 10 was in north philadelphia in the neighborhood trying to track him down through his family.
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>> [ bleep ] now and you [ bleep ] get out of here! >> families of the victims say enough is enough, he needs to face what he's done. the driver of this crumpled acura chris bloomfield is behind bars seven months after police say he crashed his car while drag racing drunk. three of his friends died. all along, families of the young victims knew there was another car racing which didn't crash. police said it was caught on surveillance video fleeing the scene. >> this thing we've been through enough, it's been hard enough on us. he doesn't need to make things any harder. he should do the right thing and come forward. >> anyone with information on farrell's whereabouts isç aske to call police. camille cosby's deposition is now on the record in a civil suit filed against her husband, bill cosby. she answered questions for lawyers for seven women. it claimed that bill cosby let
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his defense team pain the them as liars after they accused cosby of attacking them. the plaintiff's lawyer says he will be deposing her again on march 14th. >> at the ebbed of the day, a jury will determine who has more credibility, is it the seven women we represent or is it bill cosby? >> bill cosby is also accused of drugging and molesting a temple university employee in 2004 in a criminal case. he has pleaded not guilty to those charges. a lehigh valley facility used to house immigrants seeking asylum will remain open while a battle continues over its operating license. >> shut down different. >> these activists are demanding the release of about 100 migr t immigrants. the state refused to renew the center's license which expired on sunday. the federal immigration and
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customs enforcement officials say immigrants will stay in the facility while the county appeals the ruling. >> families do not need to be detained behind bars while they undergo the immigration process. >> it was licensed as a child residential center, not as a federal immigration facility. 4:07, 38 degrees. love park sculpture is going across the street to dilworth park while renovations are created at love park. more green space, water feature and concession areas are being added to the park. will wicontinue until next year the work. now your first alert weather with meteorologist bill henley. >> most of the areas are above freezing this morning. good news because i'm tracking rain that will be arriving this
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morning. it will be a two-day event. the first round runs through today, the next round tomorrow. later tomorrow, heavy downpours and strong, gusty winds that will continue as we get closer to the weekend. right now, clouds. you can see scattered clouds from this view, a view looking towards manayunk from here at the nbc 10 studios. completely dry in philadelphia this morning. same is true for reading and cape may. 34 degrees. colder in reading. the clouds are of monthing in there, just starting to. it's already cloudy in philadelphia and cape may where it is 43 degrees. those warmer temperaturesç wil be coming at us as the rain will be moving in. we're looking at a rainy morning but other than that, looks like it's going to be pretty quiet. it will be light rain at that. right now, dry for trenton, philadelphia and wilmington. you have to go into southern delaware and maryland, salisbury maryland seeing the first rain drops right now. temperatures are in the 40s there. your neighborhood by neighborhood forecast is calling
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for rain to move in to reading and quakertown. the only chance of seeing a wintry mix is this morning when it's chillier in the allentown area or in the pocono mountains. that's where we could see a wintry mix. there's a good possibility that will stay to the north of allentown. for trenton, 42 degrees, rain and doylestown. the rain will be coming down, the wind speeds picking up, 40s at the shore, 4 in vineland. the wind will be blowing rain clouds into our area today. light rain arrives this morning, steady rain this afternoon. the temperatures will be warming from the 30s into the 40s for philadelphia, drexel hill and wilmington, all into the middle 40s today. we'll go through the forecast hour by hour, show you when the rain willing moving into your neighborhood when i'm back in 20 minutes. let's check your ride to work, including 295, first alert traffic reporter jessica boyington has a look at that.
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jessica? >> we're in west deptford on 295 around route 130. you can see behind me there are cars out there traveling on the roadways right now. everybody is moving along just fine. the 23-minute drive time, heading into delaware, no problems there. we're still in the green, average speeds still into the 60s as well. here's the pa turnpike. we're going okay there. you can see we're still in the green, 22 minutes westbound from route 1 to valley forge. mass transit, we're still good to go with no delays. watch for septa's new spring schedule that went into effect yesterday. tracy? life in the fast lane caught on tape. next, police dashcam r cameras a sixers star speeding across this bridge. coming up, we'll introduce you to a woman who led a full,
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active life until it was nearly cut short by the number one killer of women.
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4:13 and february is american heart month. and for a group of bucks county businesswomen it's a chance to be reminded about a potentially deadly condition. katy zachry is live in warrenton, bucks county with life-saving methods they want to share. katy, tell us more. >> heart disease is the number one killer of women. one woman who nearly lost her life to a heart attack is now speaking to others about how they can save theirs. edy weinstein nearly four years
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ago speaks to other women. a recipe for great health, she thought, until one morning she realized she was having a heart attack. >> i didn't go straight to the hospital. i drove home. i canceled with a client, very calmly, and then i thought, hmmm, mave i should go to the hospital. i didn't call 911. >> edy should have called 911 immediately and that's one of the things she preaches to women who she talks to throughout the area. coming up in the next half hour, we'll talk about heart attack symptoms that women experience that are different from what men experience. reporting live in bucks county, katy zachry, nbc 10 news. now to decision 2016. donald trump will be looking for his third straight win. today's republican caucus in nevada. analysts expect trump to score an easy win and that has the gop establishment scrambling to support senator mr mrarco rubio. last night in las vegas, trump
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targeted rival ted cruz and his impact on religious-based voters. >> this guy is sick. there's something wrong with this guy. the evangelicals didn't vote for him. you know why? because they don't like liars. they're really smart people. >> ted cruz is hoping to win delegates in upcoming states with support from evangelicals. the voting bloc that flocked to donald trump in south carolina. the now, senator ted cruz shook up his campaign when he fired his spokesperson. rick tyler apologized for tweeting a story that falsely claimed marco rubio insulted the bible. cruz told reporters that his campaign would not question the faith of another candidate. coming up in the next half hour, we'll show you how a local student newspaper prompted that controversy. the primary in south carolina this saturday is there. the polls show hillary clinton with a double digit lead on bernie sanders.
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sanders lost to hillary clinton in nevada on saturday. he's also facing a delegate deficit and a polling gap among african-american voters. yesterday in boston, sanders was optimistic and even had a compliment for clinton. >> i am delighted that secretary clinton, month after month after month seems to be adopting more and more of the positions that we have advocated. that's good. >> hillary clinton's latest stump speeches appear to prove that point. she's now speaking out about campaign finance reform, a sanders trademark. and governor chris christie is no longer a presidential candidate. everybody knows that. but his friend is still in the race. new reports christie's campaign sold its e-mail list of supporters and donors to his former rival marco rubio. the move was not an endorsement. 4:16. the mayor in one upstate new york town has a plan to stem the
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heroin epidemic. open a clinic for users to shoot up. ithaca's mayor says theç clini would allow addicts to get the fix with medical officials available in the event of an overdose. the supervised injection clinics are already in use in canada, europe and australia. the clinic would face a number of hurdles before becoming possible. in california yesterday, a small plane crashed on to a side street and damaged several parked cars. wind damage forced the pilot to make an emergency landing. there are no reported injuries. the intersection where the plane landed is expected to be closed indefinitely. a huge sinkhole has opened up in a crop field in north texas. officials say it's not uncommon given the soft gypsum rock and water table that lies just below the ground. another sinkhole nearby now measures 18 feet wide and 15
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feet deep. look at that video. big waves hit the shores of oahu in hawaii yesterday. some of the waves even jumped on to the highways and hit cars. all to the surfer's delight, some of the locals said it's the biggest surf they've seen in about a decade. now your nbc 10 first alert weather with meteorologist bill henley. >> 18 minutes after 4:00. clouds are starting to move and you don't need your umbrella just yet. umbrellas will be going up during the morning. we'll see the first rain drops fall during the morning commute. they're coming up from the south. so are the clouds. right now, 39 degrees and cloudy in philadelphia. nicely above freezing in philadelphia, though we are running cooler than yesterday down by 3 degrees. there are some colder spots but cape may is not one of them. it's in the 40s right now, expecting rain later this morning. it will only be rain at the shore. any trouble spots, possibly north and west where it is running colder, 32 degrees in
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doylestown, right now in lehigh county, macungie just below freezing. the temperatures are borderline. it does look like the numbers will be climbing before the rain starts, so the chance of seeing slippery conditions with this that likely for our area today. clouds are already here, moving in first thing. the rain is just to the south. it's raining in virginia and now portions of maryland and that's heading our way. it's part of a system that extends into the steep south. a two-day event for us. the first of the rain that comes today will be fairly light. you can see it just barely moving into southern delaware right now. hour by hour futurecast at 7:00 this morning. a light rain in delaware and south jersey, just moving into the area, into philadelphia. just above freezing in allentown andç doylestown.
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the temperatures climb as the wet weather moves in. the atmosphere above the surface may be on the chilly side. we could see a wintry m. with readings above freezing it looks like we may be staying out of trouble, as far as slipping and sliding goes. with the exception of the pocono mountains, snow expected there. by noontime, manly rain. this afternoon a, the temperatures into the 40s for philadelphia, closer to 50 degrees in the millville area with heavier rain possible in central new jersey coastline. toms river, that's at 3:00 this afternoon. we'll be watching for some areas of heavy downpours today. then more wet weather for tomorrow. for today, starring off cloudy at 6:00. 39 degrees. 40 at 9:00. the temperatures keep rising as we go into the noontime hour with winds picking up, out of the east/northeast at 17 miles an hour. we'll go through the hour by hour forecast to show you how much rain to expect over the two-day period, coming up in the next half hour. 20 minutes past 4:00 right now. let's get you updated on the
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roads, including the schuylkill expressway. first alert traffic reporter jessica boyington has that. jessica? >> we're starting on the schuylkill, that's right, right now, around route 202. you can see no problems in either direction. you can't even really see the roadways because it's still so dark outside. a 13-minute drive time from this point to center city area. we have a 59 mile per hour average speed. everybody moving along nicely, heading towards the center city area. once you get there, though, watch for construction on locust street eastbound closed between 15th and broad. if you're taking route 202, no problems this early hour. 11 minutes southbound from the schuylkill to route 30. tracy? >> now from our delaware bureau, more information about a story we told you about last week. democratic delaware lawmakers are pushing a 10 cents increase in the gas tax to pay for road improvement projects.
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we spoke to lawmakers who are for and against the plan. >> invest in your roads, unemployment goes down, your state becomes more attractive to businesses who might look to relocate here. you save money for the state long term. >> be honest with the voter and say, look, we need more revenues because we've misspent all the stuff you've given me before. >> attempts were made in the last two years to raise the gas tax in delaware, both were shot down. the current gas tax in delaware is 23 cents a gallon, that hasn't changed since 1959. pennsylvania drivers are paying the highest tax in the country, about 50 cents a gallon and new jersey drivers pay the second lowest tax, just 14.5 cents a gallon. 4:22. now to video of 76ers rookie okafor driving more than 100 miles an hour over the ben franklin bridge.ç police clocked him doing 108. the speed limit is 45. this dash canal video shows police chasing okafor.
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last thursday he pled guilty to unsafe operation of a motor vehicle and was ordered to pay a fine of more than $400. atlantic city could run out of city in the next two months. despite dire financial straits, find out why ac's mayor is against plans for the state to intervene. and find out what's being dumped into the ocean here. be part of the conversation. we're constantly talking during the morning on twitter with our viewers. our address is right there on the screen for all of us. read our posts, tweet is and we will tweet you back.
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the mayor of atlantic city compared new jersey to a fascist dictatorship while calling the state's plan to take over his city unfair. without the plan, atlantic city could run out of money in two months. guardian admitted the city needs help but not if the state strips ac of its decisionmaking ability and privatizing the water works. >> talk about the benchmarks and have a plan of action to move the city forward and accompany that with pilot legislation from the casinos. if that happens, there's no problem. >> the state takeover plan also is not sitting well with many who live in atlantic city. we spoke with people who said they will take the fight all the way to trenton if they have to. last night was the finale of nbc's hit reality competition "the biggest loser." a south jersey native was one of two contestants that made it to
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the finals. it was a close one. steven from haynesworth, burlington county was runner-up. he lost a staggering 133 pounds. nbc 10 was at a citywide watch party in steven's hometown. his wife, jackie also competed on the show but didn't make it to the final three. now your nbc 10 first alert weather. >> 38 degrees and we have winds blowing ahead of rain that will be moving in this morning. the clouds have already taken over. that's a live view from center city. 4:27 is the time. jessica boyington is watching your first alert traffic. jesse? >> i'm watching the white horse pike around collingswood circle. we'll check more of your mathers around the philadelphia area when i'm back at 4:30. the cost of the blizzard, next, hear how much financial aid pennsylvania's governor is asking for to help pay for last
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month's snow cleanup.
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nbc 10 news starts now. apple versus the fbi. expect protesters outside several apple stores in our area and across the country. apple supporters want their voice heard about government efforts to hack into that cell phone. water bill hike. tonight is your chance to hear why philadelphia's water department wants to start charging you more for water service. and the $55 million blizzard. hear why pennsylvania's governor wants federal emergency aid to pay for snow cleanup.


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